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23.Nice Girl. Wine Drinker. Lover. Wannabe Artist.

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Me and my honeybun!!!!

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Always makes me smile. 😊

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this show would bring me to the happiest place. no one will ever understand how badly I would wish this were reality

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Girls night out!!! Link in bio!! #youtube #makeup #wetandwild #lowcost

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Yea… #sorry #introvet #offday


Scrolling down the tag introvert I’ve begun to notice that certain people are misusing the term introvert. Introversion is sometimes confused as shyness vice versa. An introvert enjoys time alone and gets emotionally drained after spending a lot of time with others. A shy person doesn’t necessarily want to be alone, but is afraid to interact with others.

It would be better for everyone if we all knew the difference.  


Rihanna does the ALS ice bucket challenge x

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@leleboo_phucku: Prt 2

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Loving this nail polish #sallyhansen #nails #offday